A few years ago, in America there was a very popular television commercial where an elderly lady drives up to a drive-in hamburger place, makes an order, receives the sandwich, and lets out a now famous cry of “Where’s the beef?” As I communicate with people around the globe, I am now hearing from everyone this phrase, “Where’s the Truth?” I have the very same question and it is critical in our own health to have truth and not slick marketing.

    On September 18th, Google announced the launch of a new entity, Calico, a new corporation designed to improve the health of the world. With the rates of heart attacks, cancer, obesity, diabetes, stress, chronic pain, and other chronic diseases on the rise, it does not take Google very long to figure that something needs to change. Billions and billions of prescription medications and who know how many over the counter medications are not “fixing” the problem or making us live longer.

    Needless to say we are sicker than ever. Kevin Trudeau, who has made millions promoting various remedies, is now facing a court order to pay a multi-million dollar fine for fraudulent work. Why would people spend million and million dollars on unproven remedies? Many are searching for something more. They are searching for truth. They want to feel better. They will turn anywhere and buy almost anything even if there is no proof or science behind the “cure.”

    Hopefully the Google entity, Calico, will find answers. As I have looked for answers myself, I have turned to the Bible as a source of truth. Many may not believe the Bible is true, but if they will look at the evidence, I believe they will come to the same conclusion as I. The Great Physician, the Creator, knew what was going on and has made wonderful suggestions to change our chemistry and help us in the healing process. I have looked at the Bible and found the chemistry behind the verses and then applied them to my patients. The results are miraculous!

    Two hundred and fifty years ago, if you did not put leeches on a patient, you were considered a “bad” doctor. In the 1930’s in the Journal of the American Medical Association, cigarettes were offered as a treatment for asthma. What will history look back and say about the way we practice the healing arts today? Look at the evidence.

    As the governments from all over the world search for answers to the delivery of healthcare, and as Kevin Trudeau sits in detainment, Google is putting resources into the problem. Google realizes that the current system is not doing enough. We are not getting better or living longer. Google is not alone. Heartwise Ministries wants to improve the health of the world and is bringing unbiased truth and medical advice to the world. We do this by answering questions, making weekly television programs where people can call in live. We make radio programs and write blogs. We are trying to give people another source, another way to look at and evaluate healthcare and truth. We use the Bible as the source of truth for healing. We believe in the place for modern medicine and healthy lifestyles. However, ultimate healing must include the Great Physician and there are wonderful treatments recommended. We try to bring these remedies to the world.

    We need your help too as our budget is substantially below that of Google’s. Spread the word about what we are doing to your friends and neighbors as well as on Facebook. Let’s give people another option and have them evaluate the evidence. That is exactly what I did. My patients are on less medications, having less of the chronic problems, and feeling better than ever before. Go to our website, drop us a question. Look at the evidence and decide what truth is for you. We would be happy to answer your questions from an unbiased perspective. We do not sell a product or gimmick. We point people to the source of truth asking them to objectively evaluate the evidence. Where’s the beef? Where’s the truth? Keep on searching.