In Health Across America, the team at Heartwise Ministries will review the front pages of the leading newspapers of America. We will ascertain what the editors of the media deem as important enough to put on the cover. Then I will review the health implications for you. I first had this idea while visiting the Newseum in Washington a few weeks ago. There they have the front page of every newspaper in America. I enjoyed reading what the editors perceived as the leading stories in healthcare in America.

    Healthcare can be confusing and everyone has their point of view. At Heartwise, we point out that there is a place for modern medicine. There is a place for a healthy lifestyle.However, it is the relationship with the Father that will lead to healing. This relationship needs to be a part of the healing plan of every individual. This relationship might be different for different people, but will lead to worship of the Creator, the Ultimate Physician,. This message needs to be a part of the debate. People are looking for answers. They want something more than pills, bills , and ills.

    I will review the health stories on the front page and use this premise in making remarks to help those who read this sort through a complicated system. I plan on posting a blog every Sunday pending the response. Also Heartwise will be adding a live web-streamed program, “Heart of Health Live” starting on Thursdays sometime in April. Dr. Tim Jennings, an expert on how the mind and body interact will join the team and add his expertise. Heartwise has a unique calling to help spread the gospel. We want to present truth in love. We want to help people where they are at in the journey while encouraging the relationship with the Creator.