Heart disease is still a major problem in the world. Last week a patient of mine was having no problems at all when suddenly, after mowing his lawn and smoking a cigarette, he had a heart attack. He was in his fifties and left behind a wife and two children. Unfortunately, many people do not discover heart disease until it is too late. When a plaque ruptures suddenly, the body sees this as damage. The artery clots off and the muscle received no oxygen. The tissue becomes unstable and generate dangerous electrical arrhythmias. This is what happened to my patient. Approximately 40% of people have a heart attack as the first manifestation of coronary artery disease. Many never make it in to get help. This really is a silent disease for many. I assume everyone has coronary artery disease to some degree. We need to make an appointment with a doctor to help lower our risks.

    Our health comes from our genetics, the food and toxins we ingest, and the input that goes into our brain. We cannot change our mom or dad. We can change what we eat and the inputs our brain receive. All of these genetic, food and mental stressors can increase the chance of having heart disease. Under stress, the body makes chemicals like epinephrine, cortisol, and inflammatory mediators. Think about the different stressors that come into a life. I hope you are not stressed today, but statistics say, many reading this have stress.

    Of course, we know about the major risk factors for heart disease. These include cigarettes, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, and a family history. Today, I want you to think about all the other stressors in your life that might be increasing your risk for a heart attack. Let me give you a list of some things that people might not think about that stresses the body: #1 Fear, #2 Unresolved mental conflict, #3 Spending too much time in the media, #4 Eating high fat foods which paralyzes the lining of her blood vessels, #5 not getting enough movement, #6 not being happy, #7 not getting enough water and rest.

    The list could go on and on. Even though modern medicine does a great job in treating a heart attack with a stent, we still have many people that never make it to the hospital when they have a heart attack. Of course, if you are having abnormal feelings, see your doctor right away. If not, I want you to think that you might have silent heart disease. Pray and develop your relationship with God who will help you see stress in your life and give you the power to have peace. On this site, is an excellent series by Pastor Jerry Arnold that will help you get started. Sometimes the best doctor to start with is an appointment with the Ultimate Physician who always has time for you and a unique healing plan for your life. Check this out and drop me a line.