In reviewing the most talked-about health topics, the SARS virus and COVID 19 are continuing to dominate discussions in the media. Back in April of 2020, I wrote on this blog that I felt the media would be covering this story for a long period of time. At that time, we knew very little about effective treatment and vaccines were in the early stages of development. Today’s media coverage is largely focused on vaccines, including those from Pfizer, Moderna, and the newest entry from Johnson and Johnson. The press is not writing much about the “big picture”. 

    This disease is an evolving clinical scenario. Never before has the world, 7.67 billion people, suffered from a pandemic in real-time. Via the media, everyone knows everything in real-time. This includes opinions as well as by-the-minute research. So there’s a lot of voices out there. But what is the “big picture”?

    A few observations that may help you:

    1. The vaccines thus far are safe.
    2. Remember, they do not prevent you from getting the virus or spreading the virus, but if you are infected, you have less chance of getting really sick.
    3. We still do not know how to follow those clinically who have experienced the virus. Some late complications include loss of taste and smell, blood clots, fatigue, and prolonged shortness of breath.
    4. Treatment for the immune response and the virus itself, including the vaccine and other monoclonal antibodies, are a subject of on-going research. Ivermectin research shows promise in combating the virus in South America.
    5. We are still learning about those who have had the virus and have natural immunity. The NIH has received funds to study this and their website is excellent. The article linked here discusses T-cell immunity, which is produced from viral exposure as well as vaccines.
    6. We still need to be safe and do not know the full implications of the mutations that have developed. Pfizer has reported at that the vaccine elicits neutralizing antibodies to the variants in the UK and South Africa.
    7. If you are having symptoms, see your provider early on.
    8. Do not forget the “big picture”.

    What is the “big picture”?

    God is sovereign. He allows disease for reasons. He is in control. The “big picture” is this: We have a patient God who loves us so much. He wants us to have hope and joy in a relationship with Him. This is the path to eternal healing. We all have bad genes and need a Savior. We can trust and believe our God who gave His Son, to reconcile us to Him.

    This pandemic is an opportunity for us to grow and share love with others.

    To learn more check out some of these YouTube videos.