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    Dr. Marcum’s Latest TV Appearances.

    How an Accident Let a Young Man Into Medicine, Dr. James L. Marcum with It Is Written TV

    Dr. Marcum shares how worship benefits
    our physiology with It Is Written TV

    The Heart of Health Live!

    Airing weekly in most markets, The Heart of Health Live! is a call in health program providing viewers with an opportunity to call in and get free medical advice from guests who practice medicine every day. Find more episodes on our Vimeo Channel.

    Health Across America

    Learn about what’s happening in the world of health and healing as Dr. Marcum shares his perspective on the latest trends in medicine.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dr. Marcum is commonly asked about the same topics over and again, so we’ve put together clips from The Heart of Health Live! covering answers to some of the most common questions he receives. See if any of these apply to your health needs.

    The Ultimate Prescription

    The Ultimate Prescription explores the balance in healing. There is a place for modern medicine. There is a place for a biblically based lifestyle. A relationship with the Father is the Ultimate Prescription and should be a part of every treatment plan. Learn about this balance and join us weekly on the Ultimate Prescription. See below to find an affiliate near you.