Many very tough and challenging health questions have come to the website recently from all over the world. These have included a question on autoimmune hepatitis, concerns about severe allergies in a young child, and many people wanting prayer and help with relationships. I want to thank each one of you for trusting Heartwise Ministries. Even though we might not always have the answers, we can pray and listen to you pointing you to something that is always worth listening to.

    In Health Across America, I search the media and try to find topics that other editors and thought leaders deem interesting and important to their readership. This week everyone is still focusing on Ebola. How should we handle the crisis? Who should be quarantined?  Politics are involved. Fear abounds. For a moment, I want to change the focus and write about something that is always worth listening to.

    Think for a moment about the places you go for information. Do you trust these sources? I think this is a very legitimate and important question. Information shapes our belief system. This information could move us toward selfishness or toward love, toward fear or peace. What source is actually worth listening to?

    Hearing the voice of God, is something always worth listening to. How is this accomplished? The voices of God- the Bible, in prayer, creation, conversations with others, inspired books, serving, and listening, are a few places to go where we may hear the voice of God. If we learn to listen, God will be faithful to reveal His plan for us and give us Biblical prescriptions.

    What is a Biblical prescription? A prescription is a way to change our chemistry. Pills change a chemical pathway. Biblical prescriptions change the entire chemistry of a body. God has given us methods to change our chemistry for the good. These prescriptions can be found for free and are something worth listening to. Remember, everything we bring into our lives has some chemical consequence. These inputs may lead to stress or rest, damage or healing. So much in the media is written about the latest greatest pill, procedure, vaccine, or new disease.  There are also those in the media who want to challenge everything including modern medicine, sometimes rightfully so. We definitely have many options for our listening pleasure. I want to be bombarded by something worth listening to. I want to listen to inputs that change me for the good. I want to hear about Biblical prescriptions from the Ultimate Physician.

    As we learn how to listen, notice, I say learn, our relationship with God will grow. He will give us prescriptions to change our life, leading to healing. Many times we may not understand the methods, but as we listen, trust will develop. We will know when to use modern medicine. We will receive help with lifestyle changes. One step will lead to two as we move through the path of life.

    His voice is still out there in this world and is something worth listening to. He loves us so much and only wants the best for his children. Sometimes the other negative voices we listen to can get us down. Today, I do not want to focus on a disease or write about a negative health consequence. I want this media source to help the world realize that there is actually something always worth listening to.