Our radio program Heartwise, now in syndication, is a thirty minute program in which we discuss a variety of health topics and answer questions that are sent in to our Ask The Doctor page. We explore the balance in healthcare and interview a variety of healers. Listen to Heartwise on Lifetalk Radio.

    Heart and Mind – Dr James Marcum

    The human heart and the human mind are interconnected in some rather profound ways. Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum examines how our thoughts impact our health and vice-versa. Disease prevention is vital in all areas of the body.

    Heart Health Part 2 – Dr James Marcum

    Life is good. The future looks bright. Then suddenly, an elephant sits on your chest. Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum, answers important questions concerning heart disease; how to survive and, even more important, prevent it!

    Heart Health Part 1 – Dr James Marcum

    Clogged arteries in your body, just like clogged water pipes in your home, mean trouble. Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, answers listener’s questions about coronary disease and how to prevent it from developing in the first place.

    Thrive in Midlife – Stephen Arterburn

    Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing? What’s the meaning of life? If you’re an adult male over the age of thirty-five or forty, you may have asked yourself those very questions. Counselor Stephen Arterburn provides guidance through the midlife crises.

    Health FAQ – Dr James Marcum

    Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum addresses some of the questions listeners have posted on the heartwiseministsries.org Website; questions concerning taking supplements, dealing with atrial fibrillation, overcoming anxiety, and many others.

    Grass Roots Health – Kathleen Braun

    Sometimes, you just got to go home again. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave behind excellent sources of information and guidance when it comes to healthy living. Kathleen Braun explains. (filledwithplenty@gmail.com)

    Hearts of the Fathers – Charles Crismier

    “Fatherlessness now defines American life and culture.” Pastor, educator, attorney, and broadcaster Charles Crismier discusses the role fathers play in the well-being of their children. (www.saveus.org)

    Rewiring the Brain – Tammy Beasely

    For most, eating food is a natural, comfortable, enjoyable thing to do. But for others, food isn’t something to be savored. Nutritionist Tammy Beasely explores the dangers of eating disorders. (www.castlewoodtc.com)

    Malfunctioning Thyroid – Dr James Marcum

    Our body’s inner workings run on chemistry and chemical reactions. If these reactions malfunction, the results aren’t pleasant. Dr. James Marcum reveals some dangers and solutions.

    Fast Food Genocide – Dr Joel Fuhrman

    The world’s growing obsession with fast, processed foods is killing more people than any war. Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about his latest book and how we need to learn from the past and help shape the future for everyone in our community. (www.drfuhrman.com)

    Just Say No – Dr Michael Greger

    There are items we may willingly be putting into our bodies that can do us some serious harm…and we may not know it. Dr. Michael Greger reveals some common—and sometimes not-so-common substances that we should seriously avoid. (www.nutritionfacts.org)

    Food Fight – Melainie Rogers

    We have met the enemy, and it is…food! Often, what we place in their stomachs is far from healthy. The reasons we do it can be unhealthy as well. Melainie Rogers, a certified eating disorder registered dietitian talks about food and motivation.

    Blood Under Pressure – Dr. James Marcum

    If you think you’re under a lot of pressure, you’re right. Normal blood pressure in our bodies keeps things moving. Lack of pressure means we’re dead. But, too much pressure? Dr. James Marcum provides insights into how to keep this dangerous condition at bay.

    Caregiving – June Hunt

    “I didn’t sign up for this!” These unspoken words are more than likely on the lips of many people who have found themselves playing the role of caregiver in the saga of their lives. Counselor June Hunt shares how we can transform that responsibility from prison to privilege.

    Employee Wellness – Susan Levin

    Adults in the United States spend more than half of their waking hours at work. But, workplaces aren’t always healthy places. This is made evident—in part—by the growing health crisis and escalating health care costs in this country. Susan Levin offers solutions. (www.pcrm.org)

    Beautiful Forgiveness – Yvonne Ortega

    “As long as we have breath, there’s hope we can move from broken to beautiful.” This is the theme of a series of books written by Yvonne Ortega as she attempts to move us all from the first to the second. On this program, she examines the beauty of […]

    Dangerous Sleep – Dr James Marcum

    Sleep—that glorious, peaceful escape from the daily grind. We all need it. More to the point, we probably all need more of it. However, there is a medical condition that can turn sweet dreams into your worst nightmare. Dr. James Marcum wakes us up to the reality of dangerous […]

    Cancer Screening – Dr Michael Greger

    To exam, or not to exam. That is the question when it comes to breast cancer. A growing number of health professionals are saying that mammograms—and even self exams—may not be the best idea. Dr. Michael Greger suggests powerful alternatives. (www.nutritionfacts.org)

    Healing America – Nelson Campbell

    The world population is sick. Very sick. But there’s good news. Someone is doing something about it. Filmmaker Nelson Campbell wants each of us to take part in the coming health revolution! (http://healingamericatogether.com)

    Beautiful Grief – Yvonne Ortega

    Death waits at the end of every human journey. But that fact doesn’t make the loss of someone we love any easier to bear. Or does it? Author and professional counselor Yvonne Ortega shares her experience of living with grief. (www.yvonneortega.com)

    Chronic Diseases – Dr James Marcum

    If you’re a frequent listener to this program, you know we’ve identified two broad types of diseases that can mess up our lives—acute and chronic. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, examines both in detail.

    Gut Reaction – Meghan Jardine

    You and I are only 10 percent human. The rest? Meghan Jardine of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine explains that our other 90 percent needs just as much attention as our human part. Ignoring either can create dangerous health issues. (pcrm.org)

    Clean Protein – Kathy Freston

    We as a society just can’t leave well enough alone. We’re not satisfied to be overweight, under-energized, or to sit back and allow our planet to pay the price for a “well enough” way of eating. If that describes you, Kathy Freston says you just may be a “wellness […]

    Manly Depression – Dr Gary Lovejoy

    We’ve all felt that nagging feeling that life isn’t exactly turning out as we wanted it to. We feel out of control, out of sorts, sometimes out of mind. But, according to Dr. Gary Lovejoy, we may need to shift our perspective to get us through.

    Totally Modern Medicine – Dr James Marcum

    Diet, exercise, nutrition, and all of the other “Biblical Prescriptions” are important. But, if we ever need to walk through the doors of a hospital, it’s nice to know that science has been busy. Dr. James Marcum, founder director of Heartwise Ministries explains.

    What Works Best – Dr. Hans Diehl

    You want to be healthy. You’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices to accomplish your goal. But, what sacrifices work and which ones don’t? Dr. Hans Diehl, founder of the Complete Health Improvement Program, provides timely insights into the journey. (chiphealth.com)

    Childhood Abuse – Dr Gregory Jantz

    It leaves scars that can last a lifetime, and it’s on the rise. Around 2000 children each year die in their homes from it. Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder of The Center, A Place of HOPE, shares insights from his latest book on child abuse and healing its health-destroying scars. […]

    Annual Checkups – Dr Michael Greger

    Many suggest that a healthy lifestyle requires an annual physical exam and checkup. Is this the best route to take according to the latest studies? Dr. Michael Greger is the driving force behind nutritionfacts.org, specializing in nutrition, food safety, and public health. (nutritionfacts.org)

    New Stent Study – Dr James Marcum

    We hear about them from time to time; perhaps even have one or more implanted in our chest. They’ve almost become synonymous with modern life. What if we need one? Cardiologist James Marcum, founder director of Heartwise Ministries, has some good news concerning stents.

    The Gift of Health – Dr Janice Stanger

    Whenever Christmas rolls around, people go out of their way, slogging through snow and ice, fighting crowds, enduring the bombardment of advertising and promotion, to find the perfect gift. Author and educator Dr. Janice Stanger suggests the gift that keeps on giving—health.

    Pedal Power – Abeles

    Ann and Fred Abeles eagerly faced their retirement, but were disappointed with the directions they took. Then they hit the road on two wheels and life became a journey worth taking, moving forward under pedal power.

    Anxious Minds – Randy Fishell

    Mental health is as under attack these days as physical well-being. Randy Fishell, long-time editor of Guide magazine, has written a book about his on-going battle with anxiety disorders. His is a journey of hope. (www.ananxiouskindofmind.com)

    Anemia – James L. Marcum, M.D.

    There are certain things in life we can’t do without. Oxygen, water, love, and blood. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, examines that last item carefully.

    Longevity Secrets – Williamsport Retirement Village

    Most people determine to live a long and healthy life. How do we do that? Three experts on the subject provide insights and suggestions for assuring that there’s plenty of life in all of our years.

    One Man’s Journey – Edwin Gibb

    Seventeen years is a long time to battle any disease. Just ask Edwin Gibb. He watched his wife struggle with one that’s particularly tragic – Alzheimer’s. His story of resilience and love inspires and motivates all who hear it.

    Sexual Abuse – Sarah McDugal

    An epidemic of sexual abuse is impacting society worldwide. Sarah McDugal, author of “One Face,” wades into the sexual abuse culture looking for a way out. www.sarahmcdugal.com www.thehopeofsurvivers.com www.facebook.com/groups/bucketbrigadeabuse/

    Rest for the Weary – Dr James Marcum

    We’re exhausted from a hard day at work, slip into our pjs, fall into bed, bring the covers up to our chins, sigh, and then wait. And wait. And wait. Nothing. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, helps us find rest for our weary selves.

    Kids Bible Study – Melissa Bradshaw

    Melissa Bradshaw from the It Is Written telecast has developed avenues for getting children interested and involved in Bible Study. The results can be life-changing for both young and old. (www.itiswritten.com)

    Tech Savvy Parenting – Brian Housman

    Today, the average teenager sends 3,339 text messages each month and spends 97 minutes a day playing video games. Add social networking, video watching, and emailing and the results can be damaging to mental and physical health. Brain Housman applies 20 years of experience to helping families make better […]