My grandma has been in the hospital for over a month now and has been on the ventilator a little over 3 weeks. The doctors had her in a medically induced coma and they deemed it okay to finally take her off after almost 2 weeks. Just last week they took her off sedation but she still has not woken up and on sunday her respiratory system was failing and the doctors said she wasn’t going to make it through the night but she pulled through miraculously and is still alive but still on the ventilator and hasn’t woken up. My family and I are so scared because we also recently lost our great grandmother in september due to cancer. We have been praying so hard, not just my family but my fathers side as well and her church, etc. The doctor’s told my mother today that they don’t think she is going to make it… my grandma needs all the prayers she can possibly get. A miracle for her to come out of this coma and start breathing on her own and recover from the damage this virus has done to her body is much needed…. please pray for her and my family. Her name is Ramona…Thank you.