I have had the worst life in the world. I know that sounds dramatic but it is the only way that I can describe my life life I look back over it. I have been abused in almost every way, shape and form possible. I have been betrayed and hurt by so many people. I have had to deal with so much bullying and emotional abuse. I am currently homeless. I have no home. I have not had a home since 2017 when my parents and I lost our home. I have struggled with eating disorders. I have struggled with self harm and suicidal tendencies. I have been involved in witchcraft, the occult and the new age. This has only added to my problems. Because of my time being involved in those things I have been severely attacked spiritually and those attacks have manifested in many frightening physical ways as well. I am struggling to put my life back together spiritually. I don’t have a church home but I am trying to stay close to Jesus. I read my Bible every single day. I pray whenever I can. I try and stay away from anything that might cause me to stray away from Jesus and still nothing seems to get better. I am so tired of struggling. I am so hopeless. I have asked so many people to pray for me that I now feel like a bother. I am being tormented by intrusive thoughts that I know come from no one but the devil himself. I am struggling to keep my faith. I have always struggled with believing that God loves me because of how horrible my life has been at times. During moments like this, I have to wonder if He truly cares about me. I am so despondent. I am hopeless. I am supposed to be enjoying this part of my life. I am trying to go to seminary school. But everything in my life has fallen apart and I am constantly being bombarded by attacks mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I don’t know what else I can do. I am so tired. I am exhausted. I feel like I cannot take another moment of living my life like this. Please pray for me.