Please plead the Blood of Jesus over myself, son, this property, the entrance ways, our beds, and rooms, house and property. Please pray for legions of angelic forces from heaven to surround this house, our rooms our property to keep home invasions out, property invasions out. Please pray for the witchcraft coming against me to be bound and rendered useless. We are absolutely protected.

    Due to my ankles swelling up as I am taking the mold medication, and inconsistent blood pressure, I have a health nurse/advocate who visits my home each week. My ankles are 15 inches around at this moment. And, this nurse has been in this house when the men were sitting in their cars watching this house .And she has approached the men in the car and asked them what they are doing? Please pray for healing of my ankles swelling up, my need for the mold medication and my high blood pressure, and to be healed from the severe stress.

    Thank you for your prayer.

    God bless
    Marie Grace