So, long story short due to many mistakes I made while in college I am going through a lot of hardship. I developed anxiety due to all the stress and burdens I had and after graduation when all of it was removed, I was getting better. Being back in school has really triggered a mental crisis for me and its disrupting me with daily functioning. As of right now I am mouring my grandfather who passed at the end of 2020, my other grandfather is dying and has weeks if that to live, I am in debt and have a collection agency after me, I just started school again for post grad program in January 2021, I am supposed to be planning a wedding, I am unemployed, I am between churches and feel like I have no place, I feel isolated, I have insomnia, oh I have diabetes and im not even 25 yet, and I am having family relationship issues. Due to all this going on in my head as well as being distracted caring for my grandfather and moving I am practically failing my classes and if I fail I am kicked out of my program…I feel helpless..and my immediate concern in my program. I have less than a week for a miracle to occur so I can pass my classes…otherwise I know like dominoes every other part of my life is going to fall apart. I cant bare for that happen. I cant. I’m worried what will happen if all these precarious situations begin to fall on me. I need help and the Lord’s guidance. I know there is power in prayer, please everyone…please I need prayer.