I was fortunate to have Dr. Roach on our live television program this past week. The conversations and questions helped me to understand to a greater degree the importance of taking in the nutrients our body needs. Often we become sick because our bodies’ do not have the necessary nutrients. Also, when ill, we often need more nutrients. The toxins and chemicals ingested from our environment also may disrupt the many chemical pathways making it more difficult for the nutrients to be utilized by our cells. Toxins are not only in the food we eat, but can also be on the chemicals we put on our skin. Yes, chemicals are absorbed. Toxins can come in the air. The inputs to our brain can also be toxic. We were never made to visualize acts of violence, hatred, and unfortunately the list continues to grow. Toxins disrupt normal chemistry which can hurt the flow of nutrients and I think you get the picture. Staying healthy involves avoiding toxins and giving our bodies’ the nutrients needed to enhance our own immune system. Our own body can be our best treatment. With this in mind we, at Heartwise, have decided to act on Kelli’s big idea. We also need your help.

    Kelli, a sixteen year old high school junior, came to us with the idea that if people had healthier food choices available they would eat better. She has a plan to help the world eat better. By eating better, the chemistry of the world could be changed, one person at a time, creating a better place for us all to live. Her plan was to give people, all over the world, the opportunity to try to eat healthy and tasty food. Note, I said tasty as well. Healthy food does not have to taste blah.

    Her plan is to enlist food reviewers to find healthy restaurants and eating establishments around the globe. The reviewers will then and send in the restaurant review to us. We will then post this review for all to see. The idea is that when people travel, if they know where a healthy, tasty place to eat was located they will choose this place. After a while a habit would be formed, and people would seek more nutritious and less toxic foods. Taste buds would change as well.  After all, Dr. Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Everyone likes to eat out. Remember nutritious foods have less side effects than a prescription pill. Why not give this a try?

    Kelli has volunteered to be the editor, and we would like for you to be our reviewers. On our website the first reviews are trickling in. We have a form to help the reviewer. Once three reviews have been submitted and approved by Kelli, you will be an official Heartwise Ministry food reviewer and we will mail or electronically send you a card.

    I must admit it was fun going to a restaurant and asking them for their healthy and tasty food explaining that I was going to review their establishment. When I travel I now look for healthy places to try. We can also send the review back to the restaurant with a link to our website. Yes, I know there are a few other sites that do this, but this is going to be grass root effort driven by those who want to help others eat better and have a greater purpose to their dining-out experience. I applaud and thank Kelli as well as all the reviewers who will grow this project. You never know what might happen till you try. We hope to ignite a healthy eating revolution. We might not be able to afford to put commercials on the television, but the power of the social media can help each one of us make a difference. Pass this on to tour Facebook friends and e- mail contacts as a place to look when looking for a good nutritious meal.

    With this project in mind, I want to leave the future food reviewers with some ingredients to look for when they go out to eat:

    1. Kelp – A great detoxifier with great nutrients

    2. Cashews – known to help with a chemical called tryptophan, a much-needed brain chemical

    3. Bananas – full of electrolytes like potassium and tryptophan as well.

    4. Almonds – Have healthy fats, omega three fatty acids, Zinc and Iron as well as many other helpful nutrients

    5. Blueberries – Filled with anti-oxidants which counteracts oxidative stress

    6. Natural honey – A great natural sweetener which has anti-microbial activity

    7. Coconut water – Lots of good electrolytes. I feel great after I drink this, but admit it does not taste that great. Unsweetened coconut milk is full of healthy fats.

    8. Water – This is sooo important for health

    Thank you Kelli for helping remind us of Dr. Hippocrates’ edict while giving each one of us the chance to help our fellow-man be healthier. Also thanks to the many from around the world that will help give others the option of finding a healthy and tasty place to eat.