CNN has just released their list of high-profile graduation speakers for 2015. Robert De Niro spoke at NYU. Jon Bon Jovi was the commencement speaker and played the guitar at Rutgers. Michelle Obama spoke at Tuskegee and Denzell Washington spoke at Dillard. Throughout the world wisdom and challenges are being imparted. The CNN list of speakers go on and on. I can still remember when I graduated from medical school, the Surgeon General, Antonia Novello, gave words of wisdom. I must admit I remember little of the details. Too excited I guess.

    This year is special to me as my daughter graduated from high school. When a son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter graduate, the family and friends also graduate. At one of the post-graduation celebration, one of my daughter’s friends was raising awareness for some of the volunteer work she was doing. She gave the challenge that we can change the world. This is a common them for graduation speakers, every graduate wants to change the world. This is an important thought for all of us whether we are graduating to a new stage in life or just moving to the next day of the week. We should never keep from trying to change the world for the better. Consider the importance of what we do each day to help the world. What does changing the world look like?  As you are reading, you might say what can I do?

    Some can change policy. Others will invent, discover or explore. All of us can heal. When we meet the needs of others, we are healing the world. I want to challenge you to look for something every day to help another human being. One act of kindness can change the world. One thing you can do right now to help, this very moment, would be to have your Facebook friends “like” this Heartwise Ministries Facebook page. This sounds so simple, but what if, one of your friends learns something to prevent a health problem, found encouragement or the knowledge to help others. This could create a domino effect around the world.  As we plant seeds, the potential for growth occurs. You never know how God can use the seeds planted. The first step is to do something.

    Meeting the needs of others may be a word of encouragement or a smile. Sometimes just being there is all that is needed, the ministry of presence. As we meet the needs of others, we are also improving our own health. Putting the interest of others above our own is love. Now go out and change the world. Be creative and keep us posted!