In 2010, U.S. healthcare spending reached 2.6 trillion dollars according to the Health and Human Services Department. This represents a 3.9 percent growth which is the lowest in 50 years. $8,402 per person still seems a lot to me. Some argue the slow down was Americans being more frugal while others say that many just can’t afford to pay. Whatever the case health care spending will be a focus when it comes to reducing the deficit. We might not hear much of this till after the election though.

    Healthcare spending represented 18.9% of the economy in 2010. Unless we answer the question “why” I suspect the numbers will continue to soar. Why are we sick? Why so many medications? Why so much money?
    As the stress in this world continues to mount, either the costs will go up, rationing care will appear, or people will seek to become healthier. The latter is the best option. Stress can come from many places whether this be carrying extra weight, not drinking enough water or having appropriate rest. Stress causes chemical reactions in the body, that if unchecked, lead to major problems. Most doctor visits can be traced back to too much stress including the stress of bad genetics. To keep health care spending in check we need to limit stress on our bodies. This cannot be legislated. We must take personal responsibility.

    I encourage everyone to look back at the template when everything was perfect, back to creation. When we go against the original plan stress occurs. The question I guess is even more personal is how can I keep health care dollars in my pocket? The answer is to develop a relationship with the Ultimate Physician. This will empower us to make changes for the right reasons and help each one of us discern truth in this highly-marketed and media-driven world.