Negativity imparts a feeling of hopelessness to those who partake, yet we are inundated with it day after day. I want to talk about something positive.

    Several months ago I started a program, Kelli’s Healthy Eats, the response has been good as people are writing in, letting others know that healthy food tastes good and improves the body. I want to thank every person who has written a review and ask more to do this as we change the world one bite at a time. A big part of our quality of life is affected by the food we eat. By simply encouraging others to eat fresh and making sure they have the resources to do so, we can improve everyone’s average quality of life and reduce disease rates.

    With all the money involved in disease, I doubt there will be a big movement from government (or the pharmaceutical companies’ lobbyists) to change the current way of doing things. Unless we change, my generation will be on thin ice, healthwise. I hope to recruit more people my age to help in this movement. We can make a difference, but we must start from the bottom and work our way up. Grassroots, you know.