Have questions about Heartwise Ministries?


    How is Heartwise Ministries different from other health ministries?

    We try to present information that is balanced, recognizing there are many aspects to healing. We use the Bible as the source of truth in this over-marketed world. We are non-denominational. We provide a wide variety of opinions from different sub-specialists in different disciplines. We are not selling health products. We emphasize that the Bible has principles that change our chemistry. Love is promoted as a healing force and one can learn about this love from a relationship with God. There is a place for modern medicine, but ultimate healing will come from a love relationship with our Creator. At the Heart of health is love. The ministry is about a message and not a messenger.

    How is HWM funded

    As a non-profit, we receive financial support from friends of Heartwise, corporations, and viewers who choose to give tax-deductible donations to support the ministry. We also have a group of volunteers who give their valuable time.

    Where are you located?

    Our core team is based in Chattanooga Tennessee, though we collaborate with experts from all over the United States.

    How can I be involved in HWM?

    We solicit your prayers, financial support, and volunteers to help with our ministry projects and programming.

    Who answers the quests submitted HWM?

    Dr. Marcum or members from the team answer the specific related health concerns. Remember we can only give generalizations and cannot be substitutes for your physician who has examined you and know the specifics regarding health concerns. Michael Bell answers the technical questions related to the radio and television ministry. Nick Evenson handles other inquiries from our viewers and donors.

    Do you have local projects?

    Yes, we have sponsored putting defibrillators in schools and baby CPR kits in church. We have supported mission projects abroad and locally and want to be active in the Chattanooga area.

    What is the ultimate goal of HWM?

    To follow God’s leading and let others know there is ultimate healing in a relationship with the Father.

    Do you have a newsletter?

    You can sign up for our newsletter by navigating to the newsletter page.

    How can I arrange a seminar or talk in my area?

    Send us a request through our contact webpage. We are frequently asked to share at events and help spread the gospel through a healing message, and we love to share when possible.

    Who maintains the website?

    Nick Evenson manages our communications efforts and maintains the website. But when we need help with a particular part of a web update, we turn to Integrity Web Development, owned by a wonderful Christian, Chris Cummings.

    Do you support other ministries financially?

    Many ask for funds. We support by prayer and promoting other ministries at this point. As God provides this could change in the future.


    Dr. Marcum is commonly asked about the same topics over and again, so we’ve put together clips from The Heart of Health Live! covering answers to some of the most common questions he receives. See if any of these apply to your health needs.