Contributed by Blair Terrell

    Over the last couple weeks, I have seen lots of broken bones. When a bone breaks, the best way to treat it by immobilizing it, keeping it still and letting the bones heal from the inside out. We do this by casting, splinting, etc. It’s been neat to see when people get casted, almost immediately the immobilization provides them relief. The only frustrating part about a broken bone healing is that it just takes time and you have to trust the process.

    I started to think about this in the spiritual realm. Have you ever been through a situation that felt like it “broke” you? Have you ever compensated your normal way of living in the abundance of the Lord because of the brokenness you may have been experiencing?

    When I started to think about spiritual brokenness, I started to think about all the ways in which we can heal it.  I recognized one of the best ways to heal the feeling of brokeness is the same as a broken bone, by entering a time of immobilization or STILLNESS.

    See, casting allows for all of the pressure on the bone to be taken off and focused elsewhere. It allows for the other unaffected bones to carry some of the weight. Stillness with the Lord takes some of the weight off of our shoulders, and it allows the body of Christ to pick up the weight that maybe you aren’t able to carry at that time.

    In the same way casting protects the bones on the outside, so that healing can happen on the inside, stillness with the Lord creates room for healing to happen from the inside out. Casting provides immediate relief for those who come in hurting. I believe that stillness in the Lord provides immediate relief for those who come to him hurting. Exodus 14 tells us that the Lord will fight for us, we just have to be still.

    Just like we can’t rush the healing process of a broken bone, we also can’t rush when God has called us into a season of stillness. He is an ON TIME GOD. In due season, he makes all things new.

    If you have ever broken a bone, you’ve probably been told that your bone will actually heal stronger. I like to think in our stillness with the Lord, we are made stronger in Him because His word tells us that His power is made perfect in our weakness.

    Often times, even if a bone is broken, it can heal without the help of immobilization, but it will likely heal improperly. Similarly, we can try deal with our pain and brokenness without the help of the Holy Spirit, but we will never heal to  the capacity in which God intends for us to heal.

    I challenge you, today, take advantage of your seasons of stillness with the Lord. He is strengthening you and healing you from the inside out.