The health story dominating the news this weekend is the passing of Stuart Scott. Stuart died of cancer at age 49. He was part of my life, as I enjoy sports.  Stuart was one of the finest sports’ journalists of a generation. I can remember coming in from a late night of work at the hospital and watching him describe the sporting events of the day on ESPN. I felt like I knew him after watching him for over twenty years. Individuals, including President Obama, are celebrating the life of Stuart Scott. Stuart, in his own way, helped me with the stresses of life. I do not want to write about how to prevent cancer or how it should, or should not, be treated. I do not want to write about the cause of cancer. I want to write about how Stuart chose to live with cancer. I want to write about how we can live with illness.

    “You beat cancer by how you live”. Cancer touches the life of everyone. I cannot think of a person who does not know someone who has had, or has, cancer. Stuart took treatment for cancer, but still lived. He went to work at ESPN, performed mixed martial arts, cared for his family, and lived his life fully. He did not let cancer define his life. His was an example of strength while facing adversity. Stuart is not alone. There are many suffering from illness whether it be cancer, heart disease, chronic pain or mental health problems.

    Many call or write Heartwise with questions and requests for information or prayer. I have noticed that most just want someone to care and listen. Of course, we pray for healing. I try to turn those to the Ultimate Physician first. Christ met the physical needs, loved the person, and encouraged a relationship. Sometimes God heals with a miracle or through modern medicine, or by giving us the power to make changes in our life. He will always heal through the relationship we have with Him. As long as we keep coming to the Great Physician, He will be faithful to heal in His time. You never know how God will use an illness to glorify Him. I have seen many instances where an illness has been used to bring others to a relationship with the Father.

    Too often in this world we turn all the focus to modern medicine. What can we do to beat the disease? What is the latest technology? Those with the disease become defined by their disease and sometime lose who they are in the process. Today, as we think of the life of Stuart Scott and all those with disease, let’s also focus on living. Let’s focus on what we can do to serve the world. Let’s focus on how we live and who we live for. Let’s focus on helping our friends and neighbors understand where ultimate healing comes from. We can live a life that is healing to the world. Healing beliefs are important. A healing relationship is the ultimate prescription.