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    Latest From Dr. Marcum’s Blog

    A treatment for broken bones

    Contributed by Blair Terrell Over the last couple weeks, I have seen lots of broken bones. When a bone breaks, the best way to treat it by immobilizing it, keeping it still and letting the bones heal from the inside out. We do this by casting, splinting, etc. It’s...

    Managing Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

    As I am writing this, the world is changing like never before and causing stress on individuals. As a result, we are seeing more and more depression. What is depression? We do not measure this in the blood or take an image to diagnose depression. This is a clinical...

    The Big Picture… Again.

    This disease is an evolving clinical scenario. Never before has the world, 7.67 billion people, suffered from a pandemic in real-time. Via the media, everyone knows everything in real-time. This includes opinions as well as by-the-minute research. So there’s a lot of voices out there. But what is the “big picture”?

    Focusing on the Positives

    Depression, anxiety, and fear are improving. I want to leave you another bit of good news from the Bible. 1 John 4:18, There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear.

    COVID-19: How can we safely re-open?

    Thus far COVID-19 has dominated the health news in 2020. The entire media is focused on this. The storylines have covered the gamut. As a front line provider, I have been and will be, living the story. I forecast the COVID -19 virus will dominate the health news for a...

    Understanding the big picture

    A recent report by the National Cancer Institute, and reported in USA Today, has stated that cancer death rates have been falling for at least 25 years. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America behind cardiovascular...

    We do not know

    This last month there have been quite a few articles in the media regarding artificial sweetener. Much of the information has been on the negative side. Some has been defending the artificial substances. I have an opinion for what it is worth. The opinion is, I do not...

    DNA Study Announced

    The U. S government is currently seeking one million people from all walks of life willing to share their DNA, environment, and health habits with researchers. The goal is to evaluate how lifestyle changes our genes. This ambitious 1.45 billion dollar study by the NIH...

    New Hypertension Guidelines

    Dr. Paul Whelton and a large number of experts in hypertension have recently published new guidelines for the treatment and prevention of hypertension. These guidelines have been published in many scientific journals and the media has covered this release extensively....

    Opioids: Looking at Cause

    Darlene Superville of the Associated Press has joined the many journalists nationwide in pointing out the dangers of the opioid epidemic. In her article, she focuses on the economic implications. In 2015, the crisis as it is now being referred, cost 504 billion...